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White Papers and Data Sheets

Find out why StreamScape's Real-Time Data Fabric™ is the leading application data management platform for Real-Time Business Intelligence. Download our white papers to learn how we turn analysis results rom structured and unstructured data into real-time actions by combining Streaming, SQL and Reactive Programming. Push critical information and computations closer to your apps for performance and scale. Expose any data or business logic as rich, customize-able REST APIs. Re-think your analytics and do more with less.

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Data Sheet: Reactive Data Platform    3.6
pdf.png A technical white paper discussing the merits of the Reactive Data Platform.
    05-25-2018       3.6       593.48 KB      24
Data Sheet: Operational Analytics    3.6
pdf.png A Data Sheet describing the merits of StreamScape's real-time Operational Insight.
    05-25-2018       3.6       584.14 KB      5
Data Sheet: Change Data Capture + Replication    3.6
pdf.png A Data Sheet describing the technology behind StreamScape's Change Data Catpture and how it enables Real-Time and On-Demand analytics.
    06-15-2018       3.6       641.2 KB      6
Forrester Report: Insight Platforms Connect    1.0
pdf.png This Forrester Report discusses how Insight Platforms connect users to real-time data for automated and improved decision making. StreamScape is mentioned as a Innovator in Insight Technologies.
    05-25-2018       1.0       582.36 KB      2
Forrester: Big Data Fabrics    1.0

In thie report Forrester discusses Big Data Fabrics and their impact of Systems of Insight. StreamScape is mentioned as a start-up Data Fabric Technology.

    08-03-2018       1.0       506.84 KB      7
Data Sheet: SalesforceCRM Integration    3.6
pdf.png A Data Sheet describing StreamScape's Salesforce Integration and how it enables Real-Time analytics for Salesfroce users.
    06-04-2018       3.6       1.1 MB      0
White Paper: Real-time Decisionware for Healthcare    3.8
pdf.png A White Paper that discusses the merits of Real-time Decisionware and Data Fabrics for Healthcare and Life Sciences illustrating some common use cases and trechnoogy applications.
    04-01-2020       3.8       1.09 MB      3


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