The Future of Ops is Cognitive AI

Cloud computing changed the way enterprises build, manage and deploy applications. Companies of all size are betting big on software-as-a- service and moving to the cloud. As a result, IT Operations and DevOps teams are scrambling to keep up with the pace of modernization and losing the race with complexity.

To bridge this knowledge and technology gap operations teams are turning to solutions and practices that reduce the number of products and experts needed to manage infrastructure, identify problems and take corrective actions. IT Operation and Analytics Automation (ITOA) is an evolving discipline that lets organizations scale and augment their infrastructure support capabilities at the pace of changing technology.

ITOA tools that leverage Cognitive AI, often called AIOps, help businesses manage cloud and on-premise systems. Cognitive technologies augment Operations and DevOps capabilities by turning Machine Learning and Data Analytics inward to drive and automate decisions about the infrastructure that runs the business.

AI for Operations
Powered by real-time analytics and machine learning, StreamScape’s Cognitive AI platform helps Operations and DevOps teams dramatically reduce frequency of incidents and system outages, eliminating the need for dedicated support staff. Streaming analytics lets you filter and store only relevant, actionable log and machine data, reducing storage cost and improving the quality of incident response.

Cognitive Automation is an essential part of the IT Operations tool set, augmenting human intelligence and improving quality and consistency of support decisions. Organizations of all size can accelerate incident response, automate problem detection, resolution and issue documentation – allowing support teams to keep up with the pace of digital transformation. Most importantly, cognitive systems learn from user actions, responses and their outcomes, improving productivity and freeing up Operations staff to engage in higher value activities.

Download the White Paper and learn how you can leverage Cognitive AI to Automate Operations Tasks and ensure Continuous Availability.
   Detect Incidents Early
Know something is wrong before your customers do. Anomaly detection rules and Cognitive AI can spot problems and track incidents as they evolve so you can react early and automatically trigger corrective actions.
  Reduce False Positives Noise
Heuristic Classification AI, Stream Query and De-duplication Filters identify and remove noisy alerts and non-incidents before they see the light of day. Mine incident management systems for resolution to similar issues.
  Automate Incident Response
Take the legwork out of incident management with machine-guided outcomes. Build automated workflows to route, remediate, open or close issues in third-party systems ensuring a clean system of record.
StreamScape AIOps
ensures site reliability and business continuity with automated noise reduction across all of our incident workflows.
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Managed Services for AWS
Accelerate digital transformation and cloud adoption while lowering cost. Our managed services solution is backed by a team of AWS specialists and certified engineers that can help navigate the complexities of the AWS service stack, choose the right tools for the job and manage operations driven by cost-based SLA.

StreamScape leverages the power of Cognitive AI and Machine Learning tools purpose built for AWS, to automate repetitive support and data integration tasks, allowing your infrastructure to keep up with business demands and ensure reliable site operations.

Azure Managed Services
Augment SaaS support with our team of Azure experts and targeted AI Ops technologies designed for the Azure platform, that can provide early warning alerts, Call Center integration and automated root cause analysis. Use Cognitive AI to classify and filter logs and operational data from applications, databases and services.

Create digital Runbook Procedures and Task Lists for corrective actions. Use our visual tools to navigate the infrastructure, visualize your SaaS topology and cloud services, collect statistics and cost metrics to operationalize decision making for cloud applications.
Custom AIOps Solutions
Get There Faster!   Let our specialists assist you with cloud migration and SaaS enablement. As a Managed Service Provider capable of securely monitoring telemetry and app data in your infrastructure, we can design a custom solution that fits needs and budgets.

Our cognitive technology augments the human intelligence of support teams, automating tasks that require judgement and perception, allowing the tools to classify problems, identify root cause and suggest remediation steps; reducing down time and eliminating the need for dedicated support staff.
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Powered by Cognitive AI
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