• Leadership Team

    Leadership Team

    StreamScape is founded by industry veterans in the field of Database, Real-Time Analytics, AI and Machine Learning. We are passionate about technologies that let machines augment human intelligence and mimic the thought process. Having experienced the impact of cognitive bias and the limits of human cognition in decision making, we believe a new generation of AI powered Decisionware can improve human cognition and quality of decision outcomes. Our mission is the development of Cognitive Technologies that scale to hardware of any size.
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Dmitry Lelchuk
Technology Inventor
President + CEO

With 30+ years experience in
all things people + process
Dmitry drives product
strategy + company


UI and User Experience

JavaScript master and lord
of all things Web, user
experience, and all the
analytics eye-candy.


Head of Development

Accomplished mathematician with 15+ years of distributed system design, Misha is also passionate about ancient
history, physics and


Database, AI + NLP Lead

Data science, language and AI
maven. Anton is responsible
for all things SQL, text and
data services that make
Cognitive Automation


Enterprise, AI + ML Guru

15+ years of hard core dev in AI/ML + enterprise software.
Nik likes well-written and
tested, working code.


UI Tools Development

Looks are imortant, especially
to Max who leads our UI
and Automation Service
efforts for developer


StreamScape develops Cognitive Automation tools that augment human intelligence to improve decision making. Our technology combines Machine Learning AI, Real-Time Analytics with an innovative in-memory computing technology called Dataspaces™ to facilitate Descriptive and Prescriptive Analytics.

Congnitive Automation is a subset of Artifical Intelligence technology that mimics human behavior to automate tasks that require Judgement and Perception. This is sometimes called Augmented Intelligence. To automate the tasks, cognitive systems need to train AI models using large volumes of historical data. The models are then used to detect patterns, find contextual connections and classify new data in real-time. This is where our technology shines. StreamsScape lets you assemble information scattered across applications, files, big data storage and databases, create functional Data Taxonomies and create Knowledge Graphs that drive a decision making process. Cognitive Automation Services (CAS) let you answer critical questions such as: Have I seen this before?
Who or what is involved? What should I do next?

StreamScape amplifies human cognition to improve decision making. Cognitive Automation levels the playing field when judgement and perception must be applied to siloes of disparate data, when human cognition fails to identify critical and useful patterns, or be applied in a timley fashion at the point of data change. Cognitive computing is all about leveraging technology to improve and assist decisions with machine-guided outcomes.


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