• Leadership Team

    Leadership Team

    StreamScape was founded by industry veterans in the field of database architecture, system integration and telecommunications. We are passionate about technologies that let people and machines collaboratively share and analyze information. Having experienced the challenges of monolithic architecture first hand, we believe that small is the new big. Our goal is to create ubiquitous technologies that scale to hardware of any size.
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Dmitry Lelchuk
Technology Inventor
President + CEO

With 25+ years experience in
all things network + database
Dmitry drives product
strategy + company

Ron Ramanujam
Business Development

Industry pro with 20+ years in finance and software sales, Ron
is resposible for all things
revenue + execution.


Head of Development

Accomplished mathematician with 15+ years of distributed system design, Misha is also passionate about ancient
history, physics and


Chief Data Scientist

ZX Spectrum, RaspberryPi or
Linux hacking - it beats playing
video games. With 10+ years of
system design, Sergey is responsible for all things


Enterprise Systems Guru

10+ years of hard core dev in telecom + enterprise software.
Nik likes well-written and
tested, working code.


Tools + UX Team Lead

Looks are imortant, especially to Max who leads our UI
and user experience efforts
for developer tools.


StreamScape develops technology for agile data preparation and real-time analysis that offers powerful query and schema-on-read capabilities, allowing users to aggregate any type of information on-demand without the need for creating additional copies.

The Reactive Data Platform™ transforms information scattered across applications, files, big data storage, relational and NoSQL sources into an integrated data processing network. StreamScape lets users seamlessly blend traditional analytics, stream processing and asynchronous (reactive) programming techniques, allowing businesses to turn data into high-value, actionable information, wherever or whenever it may be. We call this reactive data processing.

If your business makes, moves or consumes things you already have growing amounts of constantly changing data on-the-move that needs to be managed, tracked and analyzed; leading to better decision making, a cometitive advantage or even new products and services. Without proper technology to make the data nimble, observable and adaptive, analysis often becomes a complex and expensive coding excercise.

StreamScape combines in-memory analytics, stream processing and data virtualization into a single, powerful query engine smart enough to access, reshape and analyze data; react to data changes and turn analysis results into actions. Let data drive your application logic and build the next-generation of proactive analytics systems with us.


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